Military Father Loses BOTH Legs… 4 Years Later, His Wife Reveals This Bombshell Secret:

Former Army Sgt. Josh Wetzel lost both of his legs after his deployment in Afghanistan in 2012. While on deployment, Sgt. Wetzel stepped on an explosive device which caused damages so severe that both of his legs needed to be amputated. He lost several of his fingers as well.

Wetzel did not let that loss slow him down, however. Once he was home and recovered, he and his wife Paige welcomed a baby daughter. He also became a student and enrolled at Auburn University where he will be graduating from with his bachelor’s degree this year.

The Army vet turned thirty this year and Paige knew that she wanted to do something huge to celebrate her amazing husband. She teamed up with Auburn University to give him a surprise he will not soon forget. She brought him to the school’s Jordan-Hare Stadium where he had friends and family waiting to surprise him. Even the school’s mascot was there to celebrate!

The biggest surprise was yet to come. Paige asked her husband to wait under to scoreboard for one more big reveal. The board played photos of the family together, then a caption read that he would be going to see the Masters Tournament in person. Paige had one more trick up her sleeve though. The last photo showed an ultrasound with the caption “Baby #2, on its way!”. The sweet announcement left her husband with tears of joy on his big day!

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