Donald Trump Just EMBARRASSED Himself – Proved He Is Too Ignorant To Be President

After Wisconsin primary, the Trump campaign seems to have lost some steam. While Donald is still leading among the Republican candidates, he may not gain a majority of delegates. Even with the largest number of the delegates, the GOP establishment, seemingly unhappy with this outsider, may choose another candidate. There’s even a talk of selecting Paul Ryan for a nominee. Is that democracy or what?

Meanwhile, the liberal media are doing whatever they can to discredit Trump. The candidate himself makes it easier to be picked on, though. During a recent interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News, Trump’s appeal to get rid of Department of Education has led to lots of criticism. While it costs $77 billion a year, Trump has no problem of throwing an extra trillion for the military.

The point that the liberals miss is that the states already spend countless billions on education, so that $77 billion may not be entirely justified at the Federal level. Meanwhile, the military supremacy is what keeps America safe.

Trump also would like to get rid of Department of the Environment. He thinks it kills American business. Donald Trump is an intelligent man, but when he said “Department of Environmental,” every Bernie Sanders supporter was eager to point out this slight grammatical error during the live interview.

Whatever Trump says, it appears to be used against him by the leftists- especially those with a Communist or Socialist leaning. Whatever Trump says, to them, he’s an evil man unsuitable for the Presidency.

Many opponents point out Trump’s lack of foreign relations experience. But, back in 2008, when it came to Barack Obama, no liberal seemed to mind that this former community organizer, and then a Senator with four years of experience, had little of diplomatic experience as well.

Yet, unlike Barack Obama, Donald Trump is a very experienced businessman as well as a master negotiator who can strike deals while taking care of America’s business.

Another problem that the left-wingers have with Trump is his suggestion that NATO allies should contribute more to NATO defense. But, why shouldn’t they? After all, shouldn’t the President of the United States worry about the taxpayers?

Also, suggesting that relationships with South Korea and Japan should be reviewed and renegotiated is another reason, according to the left, as to why Donald Trump is unsuitable for the Oval Office. Yet, both of these countries have been enjoying stability thanks to the American taxpayers paying for the United States Military to be stationed there. So, after decades of that, shouldn’t America demand a better deal?

Whatever the criticism, many American people are tired of the nation’s political establishment, whether Democratic or Republican. That’s why both the unorthodox Donald Trump and socialist Bernie Sanders are doing well this year.

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