Police Saw Kids Lying In A Field And Thought It Was A Prank… But Ended Up Being The Real Deal

A group of children were celebrating Easter by having an egg hunt near Surrey, UK. The event had been organized to raise funds for a boy who had leukemia. As the group looked for eggs and played in a field, they noticed a police helicopter flying over repeatedly, creating a great deal of noise.

It soon became clear the police were looking for someone, and one of the children saw a man running near the woods. He was so close to the trees, the police were unable to see him from above. The group tried waving and yelling at the helicopter to get the attention of the police, but it did not work. Two of the kids finally got the idea to have everyone lie down on the ground in an arrow formation to point the police in the right direction.

When they saw the formation from the helicopter, the police initially thought the children were just playing a game, but finally realized they were trying to help. They flew in the direction of the arrow and soon apprehended the suspect.

The group of clever children were heroes twice for raising money and helping the police to do their job.

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