She Walks Outside To Check On Her Cat – But She Didn’t Expect To Find These Strange Guests…

Alaska has become something of a media darling in the last several years. There are television shows about the careers of Alaskans, shows focused on the real estate market, and the wildlife of Alaska has long been filmed for outsiders to marvel at.

What many outsiders don’t realize, is that the people who live in our largest state often have intimate contact with the wildlife we watch in documentaries. The following video is a prime example of just how close the average Alaskan can get to such marvelous creatures as bald eagles, without ever leaving home.

If you heard someone at your front door, you’d probably open the door to see who was there. One resident of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, may have expected the mailman, or even just the family cat, but what she found when she opened the door was extraordinary.

A fox stood near the door. An Eagle perched atop a rail post. One of her cats sat calmly next to the house while the other decided he’s had enough of their guests and decided to go in. No one appeared overly excited or particularly interested in leaving.

Perhaps the cat invited his friends over for a visit, nobody seems to be willing to tell how the party came together. If you have a fox, and a bald eagle on your front steps chatting with the family cat, you might be in Alaska.

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