City Insists This Woman Cut Down Her 110-Year-Old Tree – So She Does THIS Instead

Sara is a resident of Washington state. She decided to buy her home because she loved the 110-year-old Cedar tree in her yard. The tree has deteriorated over the years and lost some of its limbs.

The city told Sara that she should have the tree cut down because it is a neighborhood hazard. Sara agreed to have the tree cut down. However, she did not want to turn it into firewood or mulch.

Sara decided to have the tree turned into a library. She called Larry Carter, who is an unconventional artist. He is known for making masterpieces out of wood. He had never made a library before, but he was up for the challenge. Larry did not charge Sara for the work. The only thing that he asked for was the wood that came from the project.

Sara misses the tree, but she is happy with the new creation. She has stated that she has wanted to have a mini-library for years. Larry was recorded while he was creating the library.

The story was also featured as a part of a local news program. The video has been uploaded to YouTube. It has been viewed over 1.2 million times.

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