Big Gentle German Shepherd Meets His Baby Brother. And Yes, It Is Adorable!

When dogs meet a new family member, they are sometimes very protective of the addition. They want to make sure nothing happens to the person, so they might sit beside a car seat or crib, or they might not let others touch the child until the dog sees that the other person is safe and won’t harm the baby.

A German shepherd recently met his new baby brother. Daniel Colvin is the owner of the dog, and although he had the dog for years, he wasn’t certain as to what the dog would do when the new baby came home.

When the baby was 5-months-old, Colvin placed him on the floor so that he could play. The dog slowly walked over to the baby, smelling the new scents of someone else in the home.

When the dog heard the baby laughing, he approached in a gentle manner. The dog even had a small toy in his mouth to give to the baby.

The baby was laughing the entire time that the dog was beside him. Even though the dog is large, he never tried to bite the baby or harm him in any way. They acted like they were playing together, a friendship developing that will likely last a lifetime.

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