Man Attempts To Kill A Single Spider. What Happens Next? I’m Freaking Out

There are a lot of people out there who aren’t overly fond of arachnids and they’ll do everything possible to kill a spider that crosses their path. Some of the things that you see online about spiders can tend to make you cringe because of the frightening nature of the insect. One video in particular documents one of the most disgusting and terrifying  interactions someone has ever had with a spider.

The man in the video is from Australia, where there are highly poisonous spiders and other natural beasts lurking around every corner and within every crevasse. When he saw the spider in his home, the man started spraying it with bug spray – thinking this would do the trick and kill the aracnid, he waited for its demise. Eventually the spider gives up and dies, and you don’t expect anything else from it.

But only shortly after it was killed, something else utterly disgusting emerged from its stomach. The thing writhed and writhed on the desk next to the spider’s corpse. This monster is a parasite called a “spiderworm” which occupy spider hosts and eat their flesh from the inside out.

The worm will begin as eggs that are inside the spider after the animal drinks water. These worms will make the spider thirsty, so the spider continues to drink water with the eggs, which turns into more worms that will only consume the inside of the spider.

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