Before She Was Born, Her Parents Hid A Secret In The Wall. 7 Years Later, She Finds It

A young girl’s parents hid something in a wall before she was born and after a full 7 years, the girl finally discovered what they were trying to keep from her. Some parents want their children to have the fantasy life that is full of magic and discovery. The parents of the little girl started off on the right foot with a treasure hunt before she was even born.

When the parents found out that they were going to have a baby, they knew that they wanted to do something fun that wouldn’t really come into fruition until about 7 years down the road. They hid a map in a secret box that they wanted the girl to find at a certain time.

The girl turned 6, and the father showed her the box. He told her to clean it up a bit so that the beauty of the box was brought out.The little girl opened the box and found the map that had been hidden years before. This is when she started her magical treasure hunt.

She started following the clues, and she soon found a world of jewelry and other items that were very valuable to the family. The hunt started for her at the time because she wanted to start earning a bit of money.

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