Parents Adopt A 9-Year-Old Orphan – And Later Learn The SHOCKING Facts Behind Her Identity…

Bernie and Diane always wanted to have a large family, and after having several children, both boys, they decided they wanted to adopt a girl. When they went to the adoption agency they noticed a grainy photo of a little girl on the adoption wall with dark eyes.

The agency told the couple that the child was troublesome, and they should look for another child to adopt. Diane was omp that this child was the one she wanted and that nothing was going to keep the couple from adopting this child.

What the couple learned about the child was startling. The child was considered to be a feral child and was found locked inside a room with only a soiled mattress, not being able to speak or eat solid food.

The child’s name was Danielle and her mother was not fit to take care of her and was sent to a group home. This is how Danielle’s photo ended up at the adoption agency and into the arms of Bernie and Diane despite all of Danielle’s behavioral and developmental problems.

Not all children with these problems end up lost and alone in the world, and this amazing story is a testament to that.

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