WATCH Bernie Sanders Literally Laugh At Idiocy Of Fox News, When They Try To Explain Taxes…

When anchors on Fox News tried to explain taxes to Senator Bernie Sanders, the presidential candidate laughed at their ridiculous explanation of his tax plan. They then discussed taxes in general on the wealthy and how much they should, or would, have to pay under a traditional tax code.

In 1981, about 1% of the people in the country paid almost 20% of the federal taxes. Now, that number is at about 40% of the federal taxes. Some have suggested that America’s economic system has been rigged so that those wealthiest groups pay a smaller proportion of taxes while those who don’t make a lot have pay higher percentages. This forces people to the bottom of the economic ladder and keeps them there – while enabling exactly the opposite in the wealthiest demographics.

Chris Wallace asked Sanders about the “rigged system”, which is when Sanders started laughing. Sanders believes that there has been a large amount of money that has been moved from the middle class to that of the upper class. This has enlarged the lower class to a desperate degree.

It has also helped to do away with the middle class almost altogehter. Though some blame President Obama, Sanders was quick to say that these issues have been sewed into this country since before Obama was even in office.

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