VIDEO: She Films Her Daughter Playing With A CPR Dummy. But What She Does Next? Wow!

Babies may be small, but they pay close attention to the world around them. Babies are like sponges. They not only pay close attention to our words, but they also pay attention to our actions. There is a video online that shows how quickly babies can pick up on things. A mother had spent her day teaching people how to perform CPR. Her day had gone well, and she was happy to see her students get their certification.

She took her baby to class with her. During a break, she caught her baby doing something amazing. The baby went up to the dummy and began performing CPR on it. She had obviously paid attention to the instruction her mother was giving the students. The baby seemed to know what she was doing.

The video of the baby trying to perform CPR on the dummy has become very popular on social media. It has received over 151,000 views on YouTube. This baby may save lives in the future. The video shows the importance of watching everything that we do or say around babies. Babies can catch onto anything regardless of whether it is good or bad. You never know what they may pick up.

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