Family Rescues A Cold, Abandoned Piglet. Her Life Today? …

Family Rescues A Cold, Abandoned Piglet. Her Life Today? …

A mini-pig piglet is a big hit on Instagram as her adopted family chronicles her life. A family in Tennessee recently found Piper, abandoned and cold, and quickly took her to be cared for. The family is known for rescuing animals, especially pigs, and also raise their own mini pigs as well as chickens and other animals.

Videos and photos of Piper are posted regularly on their Instagam page, Kookieandkipper_minipigs. She is shown playing with her stuffed toys, dressed in a vest, playing with her blankets and sleeping. She is often shown with other objects that show off her small size. When the family first found her, the tiny piglet was even smaller than their pet bearded dragon, Tuney.

Recently, Piper made friends with a puppy that lives next door by the name of Pico. The two spend hours together playing and napping. Currently, both of them are about the same size, but that will change as Piper gets older. Mini pigs aren’t really “mini,” they frequently weigh over 100 pounds as adults. Though they are much smaller than standard-sized pigs, they are not really household pets.

For now, size is not a problem for Pico and Piper who, according to Piper’s owners, seem to be kindred spirits with their matching markings. Though her owners say Piper has always been affectionate towards them, she really prefers the puppy for companionship. They will continue to post Piper and her friend’s progress, as well as the lives of their other pets, on Instagram to over 63,000 followers.

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