Grandma Has No Idea They Decided To Adopt, And Her Reaction To The News Is Amazing

Donny and his wife Miranda are new parents to an adopted baby girl named Lily. The family had been stationed on an Air Force Base in Hawaii, far away from their family in the states. The couple had discussed it and decided not to tell their families about their adopted process.

The process can often be a long and stressful one, and they did not want to have to get anyone’s hopes up during that process. So Donny and Miranda kept any news about the adoption to themselves.

Even when they received news that they were approved and that baby Lily was coming home to them, they still did not breath a word of it to their family. They decided that it was just too big of news to tell over the phone.

So, instead of breaking the news over the phone, the new family decided to travel from Hawaii to Franklin, Indiana to visit Donny’s mother- Eva Goeb. It was there, in person, they broke the news to Eva that she had become a grandmother to a baby girl. She broke down in happy sobs, dancing for joy that there was a new baby in the family. It’s clear that Lily will be the apple of her grandma’s eye for years to come!

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