‘Modern Family’ Star Ariel Winter Opens Up About Her Breast Reduction Surgery

‘Modern Family’ Star Ariel Winter Opens Up About Her Breast Reduction Surgery

Young actresses are often pressured to conform to beauty ideals, including a stick thin body and large breasts. Lately, many young women have been resorting to plastic surgery at younger and younger ages to meet expectations for how a female celebrity ought to look. Ariel Winter, one of the stars of Modern Family, got plastic surgery at the age of 17 for a rather unusual reason…

Instead of lip fillers, breast implants, or liposuction, Ariel chose to get a breast reduction. The actress says that she first grew unhappy with her shape at the age of 15. She had developed rather early, and had a size 32F at a very young age. Her role as adorable bookworm, Alex Dunphy, meant that she was getting a lot of attention from fans, but a lot of it was rude instead of encouraging. When she wore outfits that other young starlets wore, Ariel was subjected to a flood of mean comments, bullying her for seeming to appear slutty.

Ariel grew tired of people mocking her for the natural size of her breasts, and ultimately she decided to get a breast reduction surgery. According to the actress, “They were way too big, originally. But I didn’t want to be disproportionate.” Instead of using plastic surgery to shrink herself down drastically, Ariel decided to keep a more proportionate version of her curves.

In June of 2015, Ariel had the breast reduction surgery, when she was legally emancipated at the age of 17. She went from a bra size 32F to a 34D, which she felt was much more manageable and comfortable. Ariel reports that she is quite happy with the overall results, and she feels more confident now. Her body still looks quite similar, but her curves are less exaggerated, and she looks far happier and confident in pictures after the surgery.

Ariel has opened up about her breast reduction surgery because she wants to raise awareness about the issue. Many young girls suffer from extremely large breasts, which result in unwanted attention and extreme back problems due to imbalanced weight. Due to these problems, more and more young women are choosing to get a breast reduction surgery instead of a breast augmentation surgery. Unlike the actresses who hide their plastic surgery, Ariel continues to mention the subject in her interviews and she does not hide her scars from the surgery because she feels that it “bettered my life. It’s important to talk about it because there are young girls suffering like I did – and there shouldn’t be a stigma about it.”

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