What Trump Just Said About What He’d Do If He Was Elected Should Have You Terrified

Donald Trump has recently announced how he plans to choose appointees to the Supreme Court, and his plan isn’t likely to please people who believe in marriage equality. Trump says that he will “strongly consider” appointing justices who will overturn the Supreme Court’s relatively recent decision to mandate marriage equality in the United States.

Trump’s policy toward first judges came up during an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s show, The Week. Stephanopoulos asked Trump what sort of judges he planned to appoint if he took office, and specifically if he intended to appoint conservative judges to the court.

Trump was reluctant to give a direct answer and spent most of his response time about Justice Roberts’ appointment, which had been heavily supported by Ted Cruz despite the trouble that Roberts’ later caused for conservatives.

Trump probably felt the need to take a firmer stand about judges after that awkward interview, so he took the first opportunity that he saw to talk about it in a way that might convince a few more people in Iowa to support him. He met with Chris Wallace, a reporter for Fox News, to discuss his stance on gay marriage.

Trump told Wallace that he wished the matter had been settled by the individual states rather than by the Supreme Court. Wallace pressed the issue and asked Trump if he would appoint judges who would overturn the Obergfell ruling, which mandated marriage equality in the entirety of the Union. Trump said that he would “strong consider” doing exactly that.

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