Squirrels Kept Eating His Bird Feed So He Set Up A Trap, But This Crafty Dude Had Other Plans

For those of you that own a home, you probably know that squirrels can be pesky rodents. They can cause a number of problems, chewing up wiring, eating vegetables from the garden, and even make their way into attics. In order to defend against these annoying creatures, humans have developed a number of different strategies to catch and even kill squirrels.

BB guns, electric fences, and fence traps are just a few of the weapons that humans regularly use to remove squirrels from their property. But, there are some squirrels that are simply uncatchable. Andy Hageman has been an outdoorsman for his whole life. Andy can remember spending time outside with his father during his youth. Andy would garden and play with his dad in their backyard for hours each spring and summer.

His childhood helped him develop an extreme love for nature and the outdoors. However, one squirrel has made Andy question everything he’s ever known about nature. Andy’s backyard is beautiful, and it even features several bird feeders for the local robbins and larks. But, he discovered that a squirrel had been stealing all of the food from the bird feeders. So, Andy decided to build an intricate trap that would catch or even kill the pesky squirrel. He attached spiked wheels to the clothesline that the bird feeders were hanging off of.

The only way to get to the bird feeders was to go through the wheels of death. However, the squirrel showed Andy that his traps weren’t good enough. This squirrel proved to be very acrobatic. He leaped across the spiked wheels and made it to the bird feeders. His moves were similar to an action star’s. Andy couldn’t believe that the squirrel had made it pass the traps, and that’s when he decided to record the daredevil squirrel. The video showed Andy how the squirrel amazingly made it to the bird feeders. So, Andy decided to increase the amount of traps along the bird feeder clothesline. However, the squirrel once again managed to make it to the food, and Andy eventually gave up.

The incredible video of the daredevil squirrel has been shared by thousands of people on Facebook and Twitter. It has also been liked over a million times, and it’s not without reason. Rarely has a squirrel ever been so popular amongst humans, but this daredevil squirrel has earned all of the attention that he’s gotte

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