Dad Asks HIs Daughter To Sing For The Camera. Her Response? It’s Going VIRAL!

Claire is only three years-old, but it is obvious that she already has a talent for singing. Musical talent runs in her family because her father is a music producer. He also has his own music studio in his home. Claire’s dad asked if he could record her singing “Part Of Your World”, which is from “The Little Mermaid”. She was up to the challenge.

Claire is a huge fan of Disney Movies, and “The Little Mermaid” is one of her favorites, and she gets behind the camera like a true professional. Her dad has edited the video, and it looks amazing. The video shows Claire riding on her father’s shoulders and wearing Ariel pajamas.

The video was posted a few days ago, and it has already gone viral. It has received over two million views, and Claire’s father has created a YouTube account – even though the channel only has one video, it already has over 2,000 subscribers.

She already shows signs of being a musical prowess. People are not only impressed by Claire’s voice, but they are also impressed with her personality. Additionally, people are impressed that Claire is able to enunciate her words so well at just three years-old.

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