Security Cameras Catches Dog Sneaking Into Hospital. Now Watch Where She Goes…

It’s often little things that security cameras capture that make you wonder. A family in Cedar Rapids was astounded because of something that their dog did one day and was captured on film. Nancy Franck was in a hospital after having surgery. Her dog, Sissy, did something special that let her know she was thinking about her.

The dog escaped from the home and traveled over 10 blocks to the hospital. One of the security guards saw the dog walking around the entrance to the hospital and noticed that the dog had a tag, so he contacted the owner. Dale, Nancy’s husband, soon came to get Sissy to take her home.

The family knows that the dog missed her owner and wanted to get inside the hospital to be with her. If the dog would have been left alone, then there is a possibility that she would have made it to the room where Nancy was staying. Hospital staff found out about the dog, and they decided to let her visit Nancy.

It was a heartwarming surprise as Sissy seemed to know exactly where to go once inside the building. This shows the love that a pet can have for an owner even when the owner isn’t at home.

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