Deaf Mom Sits Down For An Interview and Hears Sound For The First Time – Watch This!

Ellen DeGeneres is known for surprising some of her guests in the best way possible. A mother by the name of Sarah has been deaf for as long as she can remember, she has two children and has never been able to hear their voices, or hear their cries of laughter either.

Sarah received a device to help her hear, and Ellen held an interview with her to see what she thought about the sound of sounds. Sarah can now hear the things that she has desired to listen to for 34 years. She can hear her husband talking to her, and she can hear the sounds of her children.

Only one implant was placed because of the expense of the procedure, $30,000 for each ear to be completed. Sarah’s mother-in-law helped he family in a big way so that she could have the implant placed. She used her retirement savings to pay for the procedure.

Ellen decided to do something as well. She spoke with the company that makes the implant and arranged for Sarah to have the other ear completed. This was a surprise that the family didn’t know about and are clearly thankful to accept.

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