She Looks Out The Window And Sees THIS In The Snow. Now Watch When It Starts To Move…

It’s sometimes the little things that you notice outside that make you think about what you are really seeing. When Bella Sheri looked outside her window one day, she saw snow covering the ground, it had been snowing all night – it was still pouring through the day.

She noticed that something was moving in the corner of the yard. The object was small and brown, not knowing what it was, Bella continued to look out the window, staring at the item that was moving through the snow. The object was trying to get up the power pole, but it was having some trouble as snow covered the pole.

That’s when Bella realized she was looking at a squirrel, so she grabbed her camera to record the fun way that the animal was acting in the snow. The small animal would make it to the top of the pole, but there was a good bit of snow, and the squirrel would end up sliding back down.

This took place over the course of several minutes. He soon used his body to plow through the snow until he reached the top. The squirrel was able to walk along the lines instead of walking through the cold snow on the ground.

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