RIP David Bowie — Here’s A Secret Isolated Vocal Track From “Under Pressure”…

David Bowie is one of the most successful musicians in the history of rock and roll. He was a star for more than 50 years, but his work in the 1970s is what made him truly popular internationally. Sadly, David Bowe recently died on January 10th, 2016 – the legendary singer and songwriter passed away from an 18-month struggle with cancer. He was 69-years old when he died, and he passed away with his loved ones at his side.

Bowie’s death was not a surprise to those that knew him, but it was truly heartbreaking for people around the world. A recent undiscovered audio file of David Bowie singing “Under Pressure” was recently revealed to the world, and has been labeled as an isolated vocal track. The rare song also features Freddie Mercury singing in the duet, two of the most powerful male singers of the era. Anyone who is a fan of David Bowie should check out the rare rendition of his classic hit.

Mercury and Bowie performed to the best of their abilities on the track. “Under Pressure” was one of David Bowie’s most successful songs in the history of his career. The incredible beat was even sampled buy Vanilla Ice in his hit song “Ice Ice Baby.” Although David Bowie is now gone, his memory will live on through his music and family. Celebrities from all walks of life have recently honored the late legend’s passing.

Superstar artists such as Madonna and Iggy Pop have thanked David Bowie for inspiring them in their own careers. Before he passed away, David Bowie released his final album just days before his death. The album is titled Blackstar, and many people feel that it was his final parting gift to his fans. The track “Lazarus” is both inspiring and tear jerking. Even though he was quite sick during the recording of his latest album, his incredible vocals never faded. David Bowie is a true legend, and we will all miss him. Blackstar was Bowie’s way of saying goodbye, and his fans should honor him by listening to his final album.

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