04/19 Mike Luckovich Comic: “Heartless.”

In his new political cartoon this week, Mike Luckovich pulls no punches. He really stabs at the heart of the Trump administration, the President’s blatant lack of respect for anyone but himself, his absence of knowledge about American tradition, and his obviously ruffled relationship with his wife all at once.

The scene was originally captured on video this week at the White House and was viewed nationwide. The President, the First Lady, and their son Barron all stood at attention. The band began to play the national anthem, and Melania placed her hand over her heart as is long-time tradition for American civilians. Even young Barron, with a nervous look to his mother, place his hand in the appropriate place, showing respect for the nation that has set him up with so many opportunities.

President Trump, however, appeared to have less knowledge of American tradition than his ten-year old son. The President stood with his hands at his sides, a satisfied smirk on his face. Only after a prompt from his immigrant wife, a slight smack of his hand, did the President at last remember to place his hand over his heart for “The Star Spangled Banner”. The smug grin, however, remained.

Luckovich brings his talent to this scene, giving each of his characters the respect they deserve in their representation. Melania and Barron each have their hands on their hearts, and Trump, his iconic combover and pursed lips well on display, stands with hands at his side.

04/19 Mike Luckovich Comic: “Heartless.”

In the bubble, Melania very pointedly tells Trump to place his hand “where his heart should be.”

The wit is typical and incisive. Some of the greatest criticism of Trump is that his policies of breaking up families through deportation, ending programs like Meals-on-Wheels, cutting health care, and military saber-rattling show no heart. That’s an effective attack with a great swath of the American public. One questions, however, what affect, if any, it will have on his supporters.

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